To build muscle, be it a dump truck of a backside or a set of shoulders so wide they require you to walk through doorframes sideways, there are a few things you're going to need to get right. Nutrition for one. Exercise selection and rotation is of course crucial. Then there is knowing how many reps and sets you need to perform for optimal muscle growth and with what weight. How many days to allow for recovery and when and how to most effectively increase the overall volume of your training program. Which is a nonnegotiable if you want to continue to make progress in the gym.

Perhaps you are also looking to reduce and shape your waistline or reveal your sixpack? In this case we will need to drop you into a high protein calorie deficit to allow your body to both build muscle and strip body fat simultaneously.


Fortunately none of this is as complex as you might think.

However, you will still need the help of a fitness professional to select the right combination of these variables and more to build the perfect program for you to achieve your goals. With the average personal trainer charging £50 per hour in the UK and based on 3 to 4 sessions per week which is what is required to build muscle. You are looking at over £800 every month.

FLEXX Training will design you, your very own personalised, progressive training program including calorie and macro targets calculated specifically for you to Successfully build the body of your dreams for just £88 per month.


Body Beautiful Package

Affordable, effective, remote personal training, designed and delivered by your very own female body shaping specialist personal trainer.


Body Building Package

Affordable, effective, remote, personal training, designed and delivered by your very own strength & conditioning specialist personal trainer.

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